Jeffrey Vaughan, Sr.

Vaughan was born into a small family print shop started in Santa Monica, California by his parents Tillie and Bud Vaughan in 1953. This early and intense exposure to all aspects of the design and printing business – provided him with training in both basic and complex technical tasks and operational knowledge, as well as in successful business administration and management techniques.

This mastery, combined with an exceptional work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, led to his assuming the leadership role for the family-owned DSJ Printing, Inc. in the 1970’s. With his wife Debbe, they placed customer service, the highest quality of products, and critical deadline completion at the highest level of importance – and embarked on building and expanding DSJ at a rapid pace.

Through technological and disruptive innovation, enhanced color usage, and highly-effective brand development, ownership and management – combined with sound business principles and the highest integrity – the company acquired other high-end firms and agencies, and has become one of LA’s top multi-media Commercial Printing firms, with both a national and international stellar reputation – servicing customers including Hulu, Red Bull, Riot Games, Caruso, Starz Entertainment, Snap Chat and hundreds more. Vaughan and DSJ Printing, Inc. serve the Farmer’s Cow brand of companies and FC Development Corp. as final overseer and controller of all multi-media branding and printing needs.